WWE Roadblock came and went as did our hopes of seeing Bray Wyatt used as he should be, or seeing Dean Ambrose walk out with the WWE Title. I never really expected Ambrose to walk out of Roadblock as the champion, but I really hoped we would of gotten an acceptable match between Bray Wyatt and Brock Lesnar. Instead we got Brock Lesnar vs Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt running away from the Beast  Incarnate.

Toronto was all about The New day and Sami Zayn got a huge pop. Chris Jericho was so mean to the crowd they started chanting Y2J and the Divas Title match between Charlotte and Natalya wold of been better if it wouldn’t of been a title match. At least that way we could of considered Natalya  having a chance at winning. The NXtTTag Team Title match was a fun and energetic performance by both teams and they thoroughly entertained the Toronto Crowd. Although they didn’t win and because they didn’t win the Tag Team Titles I expect to see Enzo and Cass on the main roster soon.

This is The Full Card and Results for WWE Roadblock March 12, 2016


WWE Tag Team Title

The New Day (c) vs The League of Nations Sheamus and Wade Barrett

Winners The New day



Singles Match

Chris Jericho vs jack Swagger

Winner Chris Jericho



NXT Tag Team Titles 

Dash and Dawson (c)  vs Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady

Winner Dash and Dawson



WWE Divas Title

Charlotte (C) vs Natalya

Winner Charlotte



Singles Match (Sold as a Handicapped Match, but it was not  that) 

Bock Lesnar vs Luke Harper (and Bray Wyatt Kinda)

Brock Lesnar



Singles Match

Sami Zayn vs Stardust

Winner Sami Zayn



WWE Title

Triple H (c) vs Dean Ambrose

Winner Triple H