WWE Has finally replaced the Divas Title with the first ever WWE Women’s Championship Belt. Leaving the pink butterfly behind WWE has geared the new Women’s Title to resemble the Men’s WWE Heavyweight Championship, except with a white strap and a Red and Gold Faceplate.

   This move was long overdue and widely appreciated. The new title was unveiled to the WWE Universe by Hall of Fame member Lita during the Kick Off prior to Wrestlemania. The WWE Women’s Title was then presented at the show of shows  to Charlotte after defeating Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks in a Triple Threat Match. This match was groundbreaking for the growing division and many say stole the show. Congratulations to Charlotte and all the Woman in WWE who have such a beautiful new prize to work towards.

   This is a huge achievement for the main roster rookie, Charlotte. She more than proved herself and her abilities in NXT and has only grown since her arrival to WWE. Less than a year on the main roster and she can already call herself the first ever WWE Women’s Champion. Of Course this also means that Nikki Bella will go down in history as the longest reigning Divas Champion… Ever.. Forever..