Triple H

As some of you may have noticed Triple H was received with a massive amount of booing by the WWE Universe on Smackdown this week. This actually came as a surprise after the support he got while leaving Roman Reigns a bloody mess at the end of RAW, Monday. Here’s the real surprise…
According to fans who were at the Smackdown taping this week Triple H was not booed at all, but in fact received warmly similar to that on RAW, which means WWE has once again manipulated not only footage, but fans reactions in efforts to protect Roman Reigns. WWE wants Roman Reigns to be top baby face and received as such going into Wrestlemania 32. The problem is that’s not happening. Roman was booed out of the building at FastLane and again the next night on RAW, but WWE refuses to admit it and alters reactions every chance they get. Whether they are taking signs from fans, turning mics off on the crowd, or actually altering history by changing the crowd reactions as we once again saw Thursday on Smackdown. WWE will stop at nothing to have the viewers at home believe what they want them to.
What I see happening here is WWE’s more concerned with getting the television audience to buy what they’re selling than they are entertaining the live audience and this seems quite backwards. Instead of pretending the ticket buyers in attendance don’t have a voice, or opinion just to force feed the viewers at home they should focus on presenting the best show possible for the live audience. This will let the TV watchers and Network Subscribers see how much everyone is having in person causing a spark of interest and will also boost ticket sales, which for anyone who has attended a weekend house show recently knows that is not a bad thing..
Bottom line.. No matter how much WWE alters footage and pretends the fans haven’t turned on Roman Reigns Wrestlemania 32 will have 100,000 people LIVE in attendance and (in the voice of NXT’s Enzo Amore) You can’t.. fake.. that.