When Will WWE Finally Give Divas A Chance?
Now that the Divas Revolution is in full effect  can we please start getting some real matches on Raw? I’m tired of 2 minute matches and weirdly paired tag teams with these woman. WWE has some real talent and actual stars in their Divas devision and they need to start acting like it. They need to start booking like it.
When will WWE finally give this new crop of talent a chance to shine on Prime Time Television? Every week on Raw and Smackdown I see a pairing for a match that excites me and I think “We’re finally getting away from the 2 minutes matches for woman on Raw.” Then we get a 2 minute match with no finish on Raw.

These woman can wrestle and I want to see them wrestle. They travel just as much as the men. They work out just as much as the men. They’re on the road, diet, plus they probably put twice as much time into their appearance. Let them wrestle!
We got Charlotte vs Natalya on Smackdown and the match was incredible. We were seeing amazing technical wrestling and moves that we may have never seen before in WWE. The match was simply wonderful. At least it was wonderful for the 4 minutes the match lasted. I will say if all these ladies start filling their insultingly short time slots with such incredibly entertaining in ring story telling WWE will have no choice, but to allow them longer matches.
What could we lose in order to give the WWE Woman’s devision longer matches? We could lose 3 minutes off the standard 6 minute New Day opening monologue. We could see one less 3 minute replay of something that happened 10 minutes prior on the show we are currently watching. We could even take 5 minutes off the opening 15 minute promo. Raw is 3 hours long and sometimes pushes 3:15. There is no reason why we should still be getting 2 minute matches out of the woman’s devision.
This is not the Divas devision of the past. This is not the same line up of talent we had 5 years ago, or even one year ago. There is a lot of new faces fighting on the woman’s roster and some of them have the WWE Universe very excited for Woman’s Wrestling. A lot of this spawns from NXT, but when you see them getting that kind of heat and demonstrating the quality of match they are able to perform in one would think that when called to the main roster it would be to continue that line of success. I understand nothing happens over night, but  when it’s been 9 months since the WWE debut of Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks and WWE is still struggling to deliver the quality of match the fans are wanting from this new found Divas devision you have to seriously start asking the question; “When?”
When is this going to change? When will vince McMahon allow Triple H the opportunity  to make the product better, and when you have Charlotte Flair vs Natalya Neidhart on Smackdown, or any show… don’t you let them wrestle for longer than 5 minutes?