The WWE/WWF Intercontinental Championship Title has been one of the most prestigious prizes one could carry at many points of the companies existence.  Unfortunately it’s also been one of the biggest disappointments at times. For years The IC Title didn’t really matter as much as it should have. Same as the US Title, but to me that Intercontinental Strap was the #2 Belt in the company, but again.. For a long time it wasn’t. For over a decade the WWE Heavyweight Champion was your #2 and the IC Champion was a look over. This is a belt that helped make careers such as Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Shawn Michaels, Brett Hart,  The Honky Tonk Man, The Ultimate Warrior, Razor Ramon, Mr. Perfect and so many more, so how did we get here?

   After Wrestlemania 31 Daniel Bryan was supposed to elevate the Intercontinental Championship Title back to it’s original status, but due to injury that obviously didn’t happen. After releasing the belt it was picked up by Ryback, but as hard as he tried Ryback wasn’t able to bring the title to the level WWE was looking for. Then Kevin Owens Got his hands on it and suddenly the IC Belt meant something again. We had a case of the man making the title instead of attempting to have the title make the man. Kevin Owens made the title feel important again. He made it exciting. He made the audience care about the Intercontinental Champion. Then Dean Ambrose got the belt and boy howdy was that title elevated. You couldn’t of asked for a better person to carry that weight on their shoulders. We had Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose representing the Intercontinental Title for WWE. How could you ask for more? Dean lost the title going into Fastlane and Kevin Owens won it back continuing his reign of wining gold. That brings us to Wrestlemania 32.

   At Wrestlemania 32, the show of shows, in front of the largest crowd in Wrestlemania history WWE put the title on Zack Ryder who carried it for just over 24 hours until he lost it on RAW to The Miz. Which means at Raw After Mania The Intercontinental title was being represented by Zack Ryder and The Miz. Having Zack Ryder win the IC Title at Mania left me completely speechless and not in a good way. In just over the course of a few Months and honestly over the course of a night the title went form not only Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose, but a potential Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn to Zack Ryder vs The Miz.

   I have to wonder if the plan was to put the belt on The Miz From the beginning, but if that’s the case why not just have Miz win at Wrestlemania instead of the RAW After? Because Nobody wants The Miz to win the strap over Kevin Owens, but compared to Zack Ryder Miz isn’t that bad. I found myself cheering for The Miz in this match and that’s never a good sign. At Least The Miz can put value to the belt through his promos. Miz despite his character is one of the best mic workers WWE has. He can sell anybody and anything. Compared to Zack Ryder Miz isn’t that bad, but this isn’t where the title can stay. I don’t know who’s next inline, but it needs to be somebody. Allow me  to quote an old phrase and say “You don’t have to go home, but you can’ stay here.” Meaning The  title doesn’t have to go back to Kevin Owens, but it can’t stay where it is. With the Return of Cesaro I would like to see him carry that gold for a while..