Imagine going to a WWE Live Event otherwise known as a “House Show.” Now imagine  at the end of the night they make an announcement that your city will host a pay per view soon and you have the opportunity to purchase tickets in advance before you ever leave the building.  Getting a PPV in your city is huge and thats because the entire WWE Universe will be relying on your home town to welcome and carry one of the 12 big events that WWE hosts each year.

After the event is over you go to the box office to buy your tickets.  Sometimes the venue doesn’t release all the tickets at once, sometimes they might not have the cheapest, or best seats available, but you have this fear that the show might sell out fast, so you buy your tickets that night. Your alternative is waiting 2 weeks to buy them when that are released to the public and hope your not working that day, or that there’s not 5,000 people ahead of you, so do you take your chances? “Should I  buy them now and hope I’m getting a good deal? I think I’ll buy my ticket now.”

Once tickets go on sale to the general public, you are bombarded with commercials on Raw and Smackdown every week for the said PPV in this instance “FastLane 2016” and how tickets are still available, so now each week you sit and wonder. “Should I have waited to get tickets, or was I lucky to get tickets?” At this point you start convincing yourself that you were lucky to get your seats at the event, because you avoided having to pay for all those stupid fees and charges you get stuck with when purchasing online, or over the phone.

Now you wait and wait some more till the pay per view comes up and the matches are announced and you really hope that the money you spent on tickets is worth it.  On Raw, and Smackdown and most House Shows you get anywhere from 7-9 matches.  For pay per views you never know, but you do know that they start at 8 pm EST sharp and will last about 3 hours, so you hope that the WWE gives you those same 7-8 matches.

Then you start hoping that the PPV souvenir shirt is really good. Is it going to be worth the buy? I will say that the “Money In the Bank” I attended didn’t have the best shirt, so I skipped out on it and saved the money. Looking back I wish I would have gotten one though.  When you go to a pay per view I feel you should get the shirt, the souvenir cup and everything that comes with the event. So, with FastLane only days away the only question I have left is; “Will I go all out this Sunday at FastLane?”

If you have not attended a WWE PPV event in your town, or traveled to attend one I highly recommend you do so. The anticipation is worth it.