Saying Goodbye To Axl Rotten

Recently we lost Axl Rotten a true hardcore legend. Axl was very unique. He was the true hardcore chair swinging freak.   Axl was also the king of the Taipei Death Match. Axl was a unique individual and loved the wrestling business.

I first latched on to Axl in Global Wrestling Federation when tagged with Ian Rotten as part of the Bad Breed. They were unique and different with fake British accents and a mean streak that was different for that federation.

When they got to ECW they had a good run before they split up and had an epic feud. For some reason though I always latched on with Axl and what he brought to the table. Axl was one of my favorites in ECW history and I think it’s because of his hardcore style. Axl was extreme and what ECW meant early on.

I always wondered what a career in the WWE would have been like for Axl, but I don’t think his style ever fit them and sometimes a wrestler’s style doesn’t fit a certain promotion. Axl was always willing to give it his all and never said no.

Axl did get a huge pop at One Night Stand 2005 and the few times he wrestled in dark matches in the WWE in try out matches. Axl though would tear it up in the Independents though and fans cheered far and wide for him.

Sadly in the end demons got the best of Axl and the demons won out. We will miss Axl and what he gave to pro wrestling. I am sad because I lost one of my favorite wrestlers not only in ECW but wrestling in general. All I can say now is Thank You Axl. He will be missed and there will never be another Axl Rotten again.