Nevill wrestles Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn is going to Wrestlemania..


Last Night on RAW Sami Zayn made his return to the WWE Main Roster after a back and forth highly physical match between Kevin Owens and former NXT Champion, Neville. Sami Zayn’s appearance was a delightful surprise, but not a complete shock. Many fans were keeping their fingers crossed for Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles at Wrestlemania 32 for the Intercontinental Title, but when it became apparent that wasn’t going to happen the next obvious choice was Sami Zayn. Kevin Owens is one of the top heels in WWE and performs on a level that many on the roster simply can’t compete with. Not only does a ¬†Kevin Owens Wrestlemania match deserve somebody who is extremely over as a ¬†face, but somebody who can equally deliver in the ring and if not AJ Styles than Sami Zayn definitely fits that bill. Making his return to WWE less than a month before Wrestlemania 32 can only mean that Kevin Owens finally has his Wrestlemania opponent and this is a match that fans not only can get behind, but a match that fans deserve.



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