According to backstage rumors coming out of WWE Roman Reigns is set to stay on Monday Night RAW during the WWE Draft and brand split July 19th, 2016. This is not where the rumors stop, however. While Roman Reigns is set to be a lead component on WWE RAW his vest is getting drafted to Smackdown. With New Day talking about the possibility of the World Famous Two Time Tag Champs getting split up for the brand split it has become apparent that nothing and nobody is safe. Can Roman Reigns and The Roman Empire survive without the vest? Only time will tell.


Vince McMahon is reportedly very unhappy with the results from Roman Reigns over the past 9 months and according to inside sources Roman Reigns Vest is set to Main Event Summerslam in a Rematch against Brock Lesnar. Roma Reigns, however will be in a triple threat match with Kane and Big Show.