What it’s like sitting through 3 hours of Monday Night Raw Live in person.

Going to a Monday Night Raw is kind of a big deal. It’s the flagship show of all the wrestling promotions, it’s really the only wrestling show that’s live anymore, unless it’s a pay per view and on top of that it’s the longest running show ever. Raw at one time was a 1 hour show, and then it became 2 hours and now its 3 hours. When Raw first started it was on around 7 then moved to 8 and then 9 pm. About 3 years ago or so they decided hey let’s make Raw 3 hours.

Now going to a Raw don’t get me wrong is fun, but it’s a long long day and a long time sitting. I have been to a Smackdown recently and honestly it was the best live event I have attended in a long time. A Smackdown is taped so you don’t have to worry about commercials and you’re done by 10 pm. In fact before a Smackdown is taped you get to sit through a Main Event taping and that is fine because a lot of the matches are actually good and last longer than 10 minutes. The other cool thing about Main Event is that they actually wrestle.

Now there are house shows which are not taped, and usually last about 2 hour’s maybe 2 and a half hours. It’s pretty much all wrestling; maybe a tiny promo and an intermission as well so fans can go to the bathroom or get merchandise. Usually House Show matches are what you already saw on tv or what you could possibly see. It’s also a good way for a guy to get some matches under his belt if he is knew or if someone is trying out a new gimmick. House Show tickets are usually the cheapest of the 4 events since it’s not on tv. The most expensive tickets belong to the Pay Per Views followed by Raw’s.

Now back to Raw. So Raw’s usually start at 7:30 eastern time and that’s because they tape Superstars which is usually 2 matches. WWE tries to get the fans at least 8-9 matches per event. For 25 minutes you get 2 matches and then the last match ends about 7:58 or so and then they tell you that the show is going live. When the show goes live, half the time there is no pyro like their use to be which is totally fine if you’re sitting close to the entrance.

If you’re a parent I wouldn’t recommend taking your kid to a Raw. Now you might ask why? That’s easy, being that Raw lasts till 11 pm, your kid most likely has school the next day and you will have to leave early. Nobody if you ask me likes to leave early so honestly you’re going to miss the majority of the good parts of Raw. So honestly this also plays into the part that maybe Raw’s should not be 3 hours but instead be 2 hours.   As a parent of 2 kids and the oldest being able to understand wrestling it’s kind of tough to take him to wrestling knowing he has school the next day. The goal of course is hope that there is no school the next day if there is a Raw so you can sit through the whole event.

Now that Raw has started it’s a sit and wait type of strategy. You’re sitting till the next segment where the chances are that you will see a Total Divas ad every commercial break. On top of seeing a Total Divas ad every break you have no idea what is coming up next until someone’s music plays. In the old days you use to get a program of who was facing who and where they were from and what they weighed and such. My guess is that the WWE got rid of this to save money so honestly it’s a crap shoot for every Raw. Every Raw is different so you’re not sure who you’re going to get to see wrestle, but you do know that you have to sit through a 30 minute promo usually at the opening.

So after being at the arena from the 7:30 start time, you now look at your watch and see that its 10 pm which means there is 1 hour left. So from 10 to 11 is the part where the ratings for WWE go down and the fans become deadly silent. The fans right now are very tired and want to get out but they know there is an hour left. Usually there is like 2 quick matches and then around 10:45 before main segment they might tell you that there is a live event coming back to your area on a certain date like a Raw, a house show or a Smackdown or even a Pay Per View.

Finally around 11:05 or so Raw is over and it’s time to go home but it’s still about 15-30 minutes to find your car and get the heck out of dodge to go home. So overall you probably spent close to 3 and half hours at a WWE event and probably a lot poorer too because you bought a bunch of stuff at the merchandise stand and tickets to a future event. Overall though I would say go to a Raw just to experience a wrestling event live because it’s worth it to see how it really goes all down. One thing to avoid though is don’t sit near where they turn on the pyro because you will become deaf. Monday Night’s though are made for wrestling but Raw is no longer War.