How did Enzo Amore Get Certified as a G?

I really like the tag team of Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady. They have great chemistry, amazing energy and the fans love them,  but what classifies Enzo Amore as a Certified G? Where did he get his certification from, DeVry? Enzo Amore Says in quote “I’m a Certified G and a Bona Fide Stud and you Can’t Teach That.” He’s my question. How can you be certified in something that can’t be taught? What kind of G is he? A mafia gangster of sorts, or a blood and crips gang banger? If he was a gang banger there would have to be some sort of initiation at least and even  then he would probably have an OG who would go on to teach him the ways. One day the OG would probably even say; “I taught this mother fucker everything he knows.” Meaning Enzo Amore grew up in New Jersey I would assume he would be more of the gangster which would be based off family, so he would be born into it and not taught, but according to his Wikki Page Enzo Amore used to be a manager at Hooters, so either he’s not a gangster at all, or he’s from the worst Family in Mob history. If Enzo actually does come from a Mob family I sincerely apologize for this  article and I am totally kidding. If he doesn’t.. What family is he from? When’s the last Gangster you saw who has hair that looks like a cheetah print area rug?


When I look at him I don’t think G, or Thug. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but now that it’s on the table I want to say he actually looks more like a former Hooters Manger. Maybe the G stand for Goofy. Anyways I really like this team and except for the words “Certified G” I like Enzo Amore too. Unless of course Enzo actually is a Certified G which in that case I would apologize and move on, but I’m going to have to see his certificate first. I’m sure he has one. If you’re certified in something you have to have a certificate. He probably has it on his wall above the first $20 he ever got robbing a liquor store.