Lucha Underground continues to impress and exceed expectations as they build momentum to Aztec Warfare, which takes place for free on TV in one week. This week was no different.

Lucha Underground did not slow down nor disappoint. The temple kicked off the night with a fast pace and very exciting Three’s Title match. Son of Havoc, Analiese, and Angelico fought to reclaim their titles from the Disciples. This match was incredible, everyone involved played a key part and just like every tag team in Lucha every team member is used to the fullest degree. I love this formula because that means there is no favoritism, or singular push. If one member gets a push the other member gets a push as well.

Every match tonight was on point and exciting. Lucha Underground wasted not a minuet, nor talent in their production and the build to Aztec Warfare was solid introducing a couple of new fighters to the Temple including Rey Mysterio.

The main event was a Tile match between Mil Muertas and Phoenix. This fight was everything I want to see in a heavy weight Championship fight. Passion, blood, and no holds barred sequences that left me standing up in awe. The build to this fight made me think that the Champ was going to retain, but after a hellacious battle the challenger pulled of the upset. This led to a shocking announcement that Aztec Warfare will be for the Title. (taking a play out of another company’s handbook)

The best part about Lucha Underground Specials are that they’re unpredictable and they aren’t forced fed to us in a promo cut.