Lucha Underground is the fastest rising Underground Wrestling Promotion, and it’s easy to see why. With its groundbreaking cinematic style of storytelling, and in ring, no hold barred attitude there is a reason why this hot promotion is taking the fans by storm.

In just a few weeks Aztec Warfare is in the air for the temple. Aztec Warfare is the Lucha Underground version of the Royal Rumble, the twist is that instead of each man going over the top rope they have to be pinned or submitted. The winner will then become the number one contender for the title. What makes this so unpredictable is that we don’t really know who the champion will be during that time.

This week we saw an incredible triple threat No DQ title match between the Champ Mil Muertas, Prince Puma, and Pentagon Jr. They put on one of the best performances I have seen in a long time. One of the reason why I was so impressed was because none of the fighters in the main event picture are shoved down our throats or forced to us. Sure you have the Heel and face, but they are all talented in their own right. The finish saw Mil Muertas pulling off the victory with a double “Flatliner” which is a nasty hard version of the Mic Check. Though the Champ won this match, it was not predictable nor did it look easy. All three men went through hell to entertain us and that’s what makes Lucha Underground stand out from other Wrestling Companies.