John Cena vs AJ Styles. This is something many Pro Wrestling Fans thought they may of never seen. With all the matches I thought about for AJ Styles in WWE John Cena was never at he top of the list, but after seeing the two in the ring together I honestly don’t know why. Watching AJ and Cena stand in the same ring left me feeling as if I was witnessing history.

John Cena has been at the top of WWE for the past 10 years while AJ Styles has been at the top of every company he’s worked for over the past 10 years. There is no bigger match for pro wrestling fans.

Watching the birth of this feud gives the feeling as if you’re part of something special. John Cena has stepped up his game and continued to grow as a wrestler and to keep up with the in ring abilities of Kevin Owens and Cesaro, so can John Cena step up his game even further to keep up with AJ Styles? Like many I can’t wait to watch this story unfold and carry out.


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