Is this the Wrestlemania that wasn’t supposed to happen?

   It’s hard to think that this was WWE’s original plan for Wrestlemania 32 April 3, 2016 in Dallas, TX. Any of it, really. Including Dean Ambrose vs Brock Lesnar. In an attempt to sell 100,000 plus seats for their show of shows this couldn’t of been their original plan and when you look at the injured list it becomes even more apparent that this is in fact not what WWE had planned for Wrestlemania this year.

   The matches we would of seen given a healthy roster can only be speculated. Would your Champion Seth Rollins still be champion and would he be defending the title against Roman Reigns instead of Triple H, or would he be defending it against Triple H himself? Maybe a Shield Triple Threat would of been in store. Would Neville be competing in the IC Ladder match instead of Zack Ryder and would we of seen John Cena vs The Undertaker? Where would Cesaro of fit into the picture this year and would we of gotten a Bray Wyatt Victory over Brock Lesnar?

   These are questions we can only sit around and dream about, but the reality is that’s not what we are getting and these top talent guys just aren’t available. Instead we’re getting Ryback in a US Title Match, Zack Ryder and Sin Cara in an Intercontinental Title match, Undertaker taking on Shane McMahon as “One of the most formidable opponents ever” and Roman Reigns once again in the top spot going after Triple H for The WWE Title. Even with the injuries is this the best booking WWE could have done? It seems there has been some lazy booking on the part of WWE for this years Wrestlemania, but the truth is once April 3rd comes around and we all gather in front of our televisions that’s all out the window. Once we actually get to Wrestlemania all the internet chatter, bad drug out Monday Night RAW episodes and stories that make no sense will become irrelevant and what we will be left with is 4 hours of almost non stop in ring action and a card full of amazing talent grateful to be performing at Wrestlemania giving everything they have to ensure the WWE Universe gets the best show possible. 

   So, Is this the Wrestlemania that wasn’t supposed to happen? Probably, but it’s still Wrestlemania and I personally can not wait. I will still be making The Grandest Sandwich of The All and inviting friends over to watch even if they aren’t huge wrestling fans. I will still be excited, I am still watching my favorite Wrestlemania moments on the Network as I cruise down the Yellow Brick Road to Wrestlemania and good, or bad I will still do a Post Show on Pro Wrestling Nightly after it’s over, so…

Is this The Wrestlemania that wasn’t supposed to happen? Yes, and I love it anyways.