Summer Rae came on to the scene as the manager of Fandango, but did you know she has a background as a player in the Lingerie Football League.  In fact she played for the Chicago Bliss as a cornerback and was on their All Star team as well.

If you ever watch Total Divas you probably have seen Summer Rae on there.  Even though she is not a main cast member she has appeared on the show several times. In my opinion Summer Rae has also one of the worst WWE entrance theme songs, as it ranks up there in  with Naomi’s, Team Bad’s, and Nikki Bella’s.  In 2015 Summer Rae managed 2 people in Rusev and Tyler Breeze.  Both Wrestlers Summer would manage would feud with Dolph Ziggler while producing many unmemorable matches.

The best thing that Summer did as a manger was with Rusev who made the feud with Dolph somewhat watchable and gave us an epic promo with a dog named Dog Ziggler and fish who Rusev said was cold like Lana.
Now that Summer is no longer managing, what do you do with her?  On Raw recently Summer Rae had a huge upset over Paige.  Paige is a 2 time Diva’s Champion and Summer Rae is not even close to winning a championship nor has she managed a wrestler who has been a champion.  It was a huge upset on Raw and probably Summer’s biggest win as a wrestler.  Now its time to figure out what to do with Summer now.
Summer Rae has been in movies, she has played football and and she has managed, so why not use her background as a singles wrestler.  With a football background, she could be billed as beautiful and strong and dominate.  Her finishing move could be a football tackle or a spear.  I dont see a Diva’s title with her but she would be really good though as a heel wrestler.
I dont ever see Summer in a tag team.  Her style doesn’t fit a tag team and she could be a decent singles wrestler.  I am really excited to see if she starts feuding with Paige, as I think they fit well together.  After Paige I would have her feud with Becky Lynch as I feel her style fits with Summer as well.
Summer is a perfect low carder and wrestler for shows like Main Event and Smackdown. She is also perfect for house shows where she is there to lose to folks like Lynch and Natalya among others.
In the end I say you keep Summer wrestling and helping to put new talent over.  On top of that, you then fill up programming on Main Event and Superstars and she finally has a direction in her career that will not only make her fans happy but the viewers on Raw and Smackdown as well.  If they end up having a most improved award for 2016, I guarantee you Summer Rae wins and finally proves all her doubters wrong.