In the 1990’s everyone had a favorite female in the wrestling world.  For most guys it was Sunny, the manager of the Bodydonnas and Chris Candido’s real life girlfriend.  Sunny whose real name is Tammy Lynn Sytch busted on the main scene in 1995 and guys started taking notice of her.  In 1996 she was voted AOL’s most downloaded woman.  The ever famous I know you want me theme was so true, and  Sunny was everywhere. Sunny then turned on the Bodydonnas and was a part of the Smoking Gunns and then fired them before she jumped ship and joined up Faarooq and his famous blue helmet.  Sunny would use her looks and talent and host a few shows like Livewire and Shotgun Saturday Night.  She also did backstage interviewing and ring announcing as well. 1997 Sunny had an interesting year as well where she dated Shawn Michaels and had an alleged affair with Bret Hart while he was married according to Shawn Michaels 1998 would be the start of her so called demise and when Sunny would start to go downhill.  She would be released amid rumors of backstage problems with Sable and an addiction to Painkillers and she no showed a few events as well. 1999 she would get in more legal trouble including breaking a restraining order.  She would go to WCW and be released based off of drug abuse. Fast Forward to 2012 where Sunny is arrested 5 times in a 4 week span.  She served 114 days in jail and was released in 2013.  So now Sunny doesn’t have any money and what does she do? 2015/2016 Sunny decides hey I am broke, and vivid is calling and so Sunny decides to do a porno.  So now world we have a porno called Sunny Side Up In through the Backdoor.  Let me tell you folks, it isn’t fantastic, it’s pretty horrifying.  This woman who I had a huge crush on growing up is now disturbing to look at. I get it that sunny is broke I get it she wants to make money, but there has to be a better way to make money then do a porno.  Now don’t get me wrong I am all for older chicks and stuff but honestly is there really a need to do a porno when you’re a WWE Hall of Famer? To Think Sunny has taken a spot from someone who is deserving, Sunny is in the Hall of Fame and many great wrestlers are not.  I honestly feel the WWE should remove her.  She doesn’t care about wrestling, she doesn’t care about the company, and she is more of an embarrassment then Chyna.  If you’re the WWE get rid of her, go ahead and benoit her. Nobody will honestly care if she is not available on the network.  If you’re a real wrestling fan you will spend your time looking up something better.  So with that being said sorry Sunny I will not take you side up.