Roman Reigns may be going to Wrestlemania 32, but Dean Ambrose is going to Road Block March 12th on the WWE Network.

After challenging Triple H to a title match on RAW Dean Ambrose has been granted an opportunity of his own to become the WWE Champion March 12, 2016 during the WWE Network Special aired live from Toronto. What does this mean for Wrestlemania? It could mean everything, or it could mean nothing. As much as one would like to see Dean Ambrose carry the belt the skeptical fan would have to think that WWE is only using Dean Ambrose to help remind fans that Triple H is your top heel after his amazing ovation on RAW last week while giving Roman Reigns the beat down of his life.


It’s for this reason I feel WWE is going to restructure the main even of Wrestlemaia 32 as a Fatal 4 Way.  Without Dean Ambrose in the picture there’s no way Triple H is getting  booed against Roman Reigns. One on One. No Way. You add Dean Ambrose to that match and Triple H becomes your heel again. Roman Reigns won’t be the top face, but as long as Roman gets the title from a heel Triple H may be all that matters to WWE right now. If WWE wanted to put Dean Ambrose in the title match at Wrestlemania they should of had him win at FastLane, but unless Dean is going to win the title they should keep Dean Ambrose in a one on one match with Brock Lesnar, otherwise, You’re just building Dean Ambrose to help build Roman Reigns and I hope that’s not the case.