Could Eva Marie be the one to end the Divas Division?

   Eva Marie during a recent appearance on the wrestling driven show NXT had the entire NXT audience chanting “Divas Suck! Divas Suck! Divas Suck!” and they were chanting it loudly. That’s a great insult for Eva Marie, but right now you have some very talented young ladies trying to raise the bar and recreate the Divas Division in WWE. So, when fans chant “Divas Suck” at Eva Marie what does that mean for the WWE Divas Champion, Charlotte?

   You would think Charlotte, Sasha Banks, or maybe Paige would be the one to end the WWE Divas Division, but if one of these ladies singlehandedly brought the house down it would be out of ability and talent.

 Eva Marie ending the Divas Division? Yes, it could very well be Eva Marie, but for the wrong reasons. Eva Marie is the epitome  of what the Divas Division used to be. Relying on looks instead of in ring ability and getting pushed for the same reason. I will give credit where credit is due and say Eva Marie has made tremendous attempts to better herself in the ring. She has gone through one on one training with former WWE Tag Team Champion and former TNA X Division Champion, Brian Kendrick, but to what success?

   Upon her return to WWE in NXT she had shown little signs of improvement. Her moves were poorly executed, she showed little confidence and she even messed up a 2 count by not kicking out, thus forcing the referee to delay his 3 count causing a major eyesore for the NXT audience.   

   Eva Marie is exactly what Vince McMahon wants the Divas Division to be and everything the fans hate about it.  She’s pretty, she’s a model,  she can’t cut a promo, fans hate what she stands for and she can’t wrestle. Despite all of this she’s getting NXT title matches and is the Poster Girl for the WWE Fastlane 2016 PPV.

   It’s not even that fans hate her as a person, which they might, but more so fans hate what she represents and wether she knows it, or not she is representing a dying product. Eva Marie is a clear cut representation of the bathroom break divas that we have all been yearning to get away from and now that we have a group of amazingly talented woman wrestlers who are focusing on in ring actions and rebranding a product Eva Marie truly is The Last Of The Mohicans, so will it be Eva Marie who ends the Divas Divison?

   The better the woman on the main roster become the harder it will be for WWE to sell Eva Marie and a serious contender to the WWE Woman’s Title. The more the fans want to sway from Divas to Woman’s Wrestling the more apparent it will become that Eva Marie is exactly what fans don’t want.